List of materials

for puzzle production

Puzzle as you like!

Our large wooden jigsaw puzzles are mainly made of wood panels such as HDF or birch plywood. These wood-based materials are extremely dimensionally stable and durable, they can be processed clean and accurately. We also produce printed puzzle pieces from HDF, which can also be sealed with a protective film. For outdoor applications and especially large puzzleparts we use the plastic, Forex and the UV Printing.


Our range of materials

HDF 3/5 mm white/black/raw

HDF, a hardboard with white lacquer on one side, is best suited for painting. This material is dimensionally stable and can be processed cleanly with the laser cutter. HDF is used by us for photo puzzles as well as for the production of blank puzzles. Design you own puzzle with any kind of paints and pens.

The raw structure can be described nicely with Edding 4040 paint markers.

Birch plywood, 3/5 mm

This veneer panel has a very nice natural wooden surface and is easy to grind and treat with wax. Birch plywood looks most natural for blanco puzzles. 
Plywood is best suited for unprinted puzzle pieces. Logos and lettering can be displayed as dark brown laser engravings or form cuts.

The raw structure can be described nicely with Edding 4040 paint markers.

Forex, 5mm

A slightly flexible, light, but durable plastic. This variant is possible as soon as the size of the individual parts exceeds a certain dimension (from > approx. 14 cm). It is possible to print directly on Forex and produce large puzzle pieces for outdoor use. Up to a size of 2 x 3 m we can design and produce printed backgrounds and shape cuts for you.

There is a safety check for the material and printing process, so the parts are also suitable for use with small children.

UV- Protective film

For heavy-duty puzzles made from wood, e. g. in museums and kindergartens, we also offer a glossy protective film. The film is applied to the printed side of the puzzle and protects against scratches and light rain.

Acryglas - PLEXIGLAS®

We like to use this plastic as a colour accent, there are gold and silver with a shiny surface and transparent plates from different manufacturers. We will gladly respond to your wishes and ask the manufacturer for prices.

Magnetic film

Equipped with magnetic foil on the back, the puzzle pieces can also be assembled and presented on standing walls (whiteboard or sheet steel panel).

Our large puzzle pieces can also be positioned flexibly on the wall.

Installation tape

For a later attachment to a wall or back plate, we would be happy to equip the backsides of the connecting parts with double-sided adhesive mounting tape. In this way, the parts are held permanently on the substrate.

Temporary fixing to the wall is possible with removable adhesive. The adhesive effect depends on the substrate.

Back plates and frames

For our jigsaw puzzles we can also produce backsides and frames up to a size of 50 x 80 cm from HDF. Larger panels can also be ordered at a DIY store.
Displays in poster size 2 x 3 m for mounting puzzles are also possible.

Paper and cardboard

For puzzle pieces made of cardboard we use screen printing board. In addition, we have a selection of clay papers for colouring in stock.

Pens and colours

With puzzles made of HDF, the upper side is coated white and therefore ideal for painting or writing on with permanent felt-tip pens. Acrylic paints applied with a brush can also be used. And of course, you can also stick photos or other materials on it.

For plywood we offer Edding 4040 in different colors.