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Puzzle in allen Größen und Formen

Here we showcase our custom puzzle variations. We will be happy to respond to your wishes and produce individual cut shapes and prints for you.

Large-format puzzles are ideal for the playful teaching of content in the classroom or for therapeutic purposes. In the field of marketing, such puzzles are often used for presentations of products or brands at trade fairs and events. Our puzzles are also used internally in the areas of competence training and teambuilding. As an agenda item at events and as a gift for your customers and employees. A powerful tool for team building and motivation training. Our jigsaw puzzles bring fun and movement to your presentation. Large puzzles can also be used for wall design, mounted magneticly they can also be put together directly on the wall.


Our puzzle variations

XXL Puzzle Blanko 60 cm

Oversized puzzle pieces

Hold it in both hands!

  • Unprinted puzzle pieces in oversized formats, for self-designing, painting, printing or gluing...
  • Items in sizes from 5 - 60 cm
  • Materials like HDF, FOREX and natural plywood

Bedrucktes Puzzleteil aus HDF

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Your photo as a room-filling object!

  • Photo quality printed jigsaw puzzle pieces in all formats
  • Custom made with your Logo and Coporate Identity
  • Materials for exterior and interior use

Endlospuzzle - Baumpuzzle HEX

Modular puzzles 

The big ones hit the small ones! The  modular cuts were developed by our partner wood-line in southern germany and are protected by the Trademark Office.

  • Combine your logo with smaller puzzle pieces
  • Ideal for workshops or company celebrations: participants label or design a puzzle piece for each of them
  • As a topic for motivational events with many participants: demonstrate easily established cooperations

Puzzle blank for your design with markers

Puzzle blanks 

For puzzles made of HDF, the upper side is white coated and therefore ideal for painting or labelling.

  • personalize
  • permanent marker
  • Coloured pencilsAcrylic colours
  • Gluing with photos or foils

Custom Puzzle XXL

Custom-made jigsaw puzzle made of lightweight plastic, waterproof and abrasion-resistant printed.

  • Colour printing or blank
  • Forex 5mm
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Items from 35cm
  • Total size unlimited

illustrated puzzles

Lovingly designed print templates for a photo puzzle with an illustration from the Limberger Werkbüro

  • color printing
  • Puzzle Normal Cut
  • different sections
  • 4 x 6 = 24 parts
  • each 10 cm
  • 60 x 40 cm

Limberger Werkbüro

Trunk with connectors for our modular puzzle pieces

Shapes and themes

Puzzle in all shapes and colors!

  • Our team translates you sketch into drawing programs.
  • We realize your ideas and implement your images with our form cuts.
  • Durable photo prints on HDF 3 or 5 mm
  • Direct printing on Forex also for outdoor applications

Weddingpuzzle with printed plywood-heart

Markings and engravings

Individualization of puzzle pieces..

  • Names, numbering and information on large puzzle pieces.
  • Engravings, prints and unique handletterings
  • On wood, cardboard and HDF
  • As guestbook, place card or teaching aid

Wooden Geopuzzle. Hamburg

Cutting patterns

Our patterns and puzzle variations have been created over the years, mostly on customer request. 

  • Endless puzzle
  • Normal cut/jigsaw
  • Heart and Wedding Puzzle
  • Custom made patterns and motifs


Type - Cutouts

Some beautiful handletterings can be cut out in one piece. We produce labels for cakes and pies and text displays.


Magnetische Rückwand freistehend und bedruckt!

Sie erhalten ein Komplettpaket für Ihren Event.

Passend zum Puzzle liefern wir auch die passende Rückwand. Hier können die magnetischen Puzzleteile einfach positioniert werden. Alles auch im Großformat z.B. 2 x 3 m Plakatgröße. Beide Flächen, Puzzle und Rückwand können bedruckt werden.

Ab € 450.-


puzzle background

Team Meeting 

Große Logoelemente, mit kleineren Puzzleteilen kombinieren. Ideal für Workshops oder Firmenfeiern: Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer beschriften oder gestalten je ein kleines Puzzleteil.

  • Farbdruck/Logo
  • 1 x 1 und 4 x 4 oder 3 x 3 
  • HDF 3mm / Farbdruck

Bei großen Veranstaltungen mit vielen Teilnehmern: leicht gängige Zusammenarbeit demonstrieren

TMP mit Logodruck 30 cm € 49.- TMP Endlosteile  10 cm € 5.-



It's that simple

We take over custom-made jigsaw puzzle pieces in oversize. For our printed jigsaw puzzles we use your templates or arrange illustrators and graphic artists to create a funny or representative print template for you.
  • Tell us the desired total size and number of parts
  • Select a material and shape
  • Would you like a printed jigsaw puzzle or blank puzzle pieces to create your own?
We would be happy to take a look at your drafts and sketches and create a presentable product out of it.